PDS Limited values integrity, collaboration, inclusivity, and respect. We build connections, create networks, and believe in a culture that delivers equitable results. Our People First policy is what drives the organisation to be our very best.

You Matter

PDS values everyone’s voice and diverse views and helps pilot their growth. Honest and transparent two-way communication is encouraged throughout the organisation for both individual and collective growth.

Our Culture

PDS is spread across 22 countries globally. Fostering cultures of 50 plus offices, our ideology is a collective influence of all cultures reflected as the PDS culture. Placing people at the forefront of everything we do, PDS has become an organisation that evolves with everyone.

Functioning the PDS Way

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

PDS describes its importance for the entrepreneurial mindset as one that sees employees take initiative. Allowing them to think critically and work towards creating a supply chain in line with their vision. This also enables employees to take charge of their career development and upskill themselves.

Value-based Growth Mindset

We take pride in having a workforce who are experts in the end-to-end fashion value chain, from designing to sourcing to manufacturing. We have been certified as ‘Great Place to Work’, and have scored high on the Trust factor of GPTW Trust Index survey.

Life at PDS

People Development

PDS believes in empowering employees to develop their skills and experiences in order to grow. By creating a performance-driven culture with a reward system, we encourage employees to reach their full potential. Our mentor-mentee program fosters long-lasting and synergic relationships.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy conducts 4 annual business case study sessions led by Harvard Business School along with an IVY Learning Platform to help our team members develop new skills. The studies focus on scenarios similar to the ones at PDS allowing our team members to think analytically and encourage collaboration.

Rewards and Recognition

Our reward programs and people first values help us create opportunities for growth and development for all our associates, assuring success and learning at every stage. How do we do that?

PDS Optimus Awards

PDS Optimus Awards are a tradition held bi-monthly to recognise our outstanding team members in order to better convey our appreciation for our core values. Nominated by their line managers, employees are recognised for their valuable contributions through their actions and the impact they have made in the organisation.

PDS Business Awards

PDS focuses on rewarding members of our team under many other business award titles such as Best Performing Business of the Year, Sales Award, Efficiency Awards, Best Performing Business of the Year, and many others.


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