Life at PDS

Life at PDS

People Development

At PDS, you grow with us. We believe in empowering employees to nurture and expand their talents and experiences. Our policies and values intertwine to create a performance driven environment with a reward system for maximum potential. By constantly creating mentor-mentee relationships, every individual is able to make long-lasting and synergetic relationships.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy was created as an academy for leaders and further developing on their existing leadership skills. Through this academy we are able to offer our team members many ways to explore different areas and learn new skills that help them flourish not only professionally but personally as well. We conduct four Harvard Business School case study sessions annually, led by Tarun Khanna, an esteemed professor at the Harvard Business School. These studies focus and revolve around business scenarios similar to the ones at our organization.

Rewards and Recognition

Our reward programs and people’s first value help us create opportunities for growth and development for all our associates, assuring success and learning at every stage. How do we do that?

PDS Optimus Awards

We believe in living and breathing our values and making sure that this is constantly conveyed throughout our team. To better convey our appreciation for our core values, PDS Optimus Award is a tradition conducted every two-months for recognition of our outstanding team members. PDS Optimus is an award focused on rewarding employees that have risen above and beyond to live the PDS core values: Integrity, Trust, and Ethics, People First, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Transparency, Collaboration and Teamwork, Social Responsibility and lastly Customer Centricity. The recipients are ambassadors of the value and have managed to showcase it throughout their actions as well as making a difference in the organization. The recipient is nominated by our people and for our people. We are always recognizing stand-out team members, not just in their performance, but towards their principles and actions.

PDS Business Awards

PDS focuses on rewarding members of our team under many other business award titles such as Best Performing Business of the Year, Sales Award, Efficiency Awards, Best Performing Business of the Year, and many others.

Building the PDS Community

We put the utmost importance for the care and involvement of our team members. We believe in creating value that goes beyond professional growth and making sure every person feels valued. Building a community requires engagement and nurturing the wellness of every person. Creating partnerships by constantly hearing from you is how our organization stays afloat. If you thrive, we thrive. Your success is our success!